1-on-1 or 2-on-1 personal training. Customized training plans are created to help you reach your fitness goals, which we will work together to create. I incorporate a variety of Dumbbells_color1strength, balance, core, flexibility, and cardio training in workouts.

Location: In your Home OR a Nearby Outdoor space (There is also an option to train at my home). I have dumbbells, medicine ball, resistance bands, TRX, and more that I can transport if you do not have equipment in your home.

Investment PER MONTH: 

  • 1-on-1 Personal Training:
    • 60min session meeting 1x per week = $268/month
    • 60min session meeting 2x per week = $520/month
    • 45min sessions meeting 1x per week = $219/month
    • 45min sessions meeting 2x per week = $424/month

Online Workouts & Program to get you Moving ANYWHERE

The key to getting and STAYING healthy is to make healthy living a habit. These online programs will provide you with a plethora of workouts, food prep help, goal setting, and many other resources to help you create healthy, sustainable habits. WhatHealthy-Habits does this entail?

  • Online Workouts (currently 4 programs with over 40 workouts…and GROWING!)
    • Workouts include modifications so are appropriate for beginner to advanced
    • There are body weight programs, dumbbell based, and more advanced equipment based programs
  • Healthy and EASY recipes to follow
  • Tools to help you plan, prep, succeed
  • Facebook Group for tips, support, guidance and fun
  • Tools to measure success
  • Educational information on goal setting and habits

Investment: $20 per month



HYBRID PERSONAL TRAINING (online & in-person)

This is great option for individuals who travel, or just don’t have time/ability to meet for consistent in-person sessions. Hybrid Personal Training combines in-person sessions (1 or per month) with personalized sessions I create to play via an app from your Gain1smartphone (iphone compatible only).  Includes:

  • 1-2 monthly in-person training session. (see investment below)
  • 2-3 weekly strength, HIIT, TRX, yoga or whatever types of workouts we decide on (4-5 if we add in the cardio) designed specifically for you
  • Instant Messaging through the app to easily contact me and provide feedback or ask questions
  • Ability to do workouts anywhere (home, gym, hotel, outdoors) as long as you have your phone. Equipment is not required, but it’s definitely beneficial to have some equipment
  • Ability to do your workouts when YOU want to. I can make workouts any length as well, they do not have to be a full hour.
  • Accountability and support from me.

Location: You can do the app workouts anywhere! I will create the workouts to reflect the equipment you have access to. The in-person sessions can be done at your home, my home, or an outdoor location.


  • One in-person session per month = $110/month
  • Two in-person sessions per month = $170/month