Denver Personal Trainer

Me_2017I am a Personal Trainer in Denver, who comes to you. Make working out convenient with your own In-Home Personal Trainer. I also run an online Healthy Habits Adventure program that anyone, anywhere can participate in.

Healthy Habits & a Healthy Lifestyle can make YOU feel stronger, happier, more energized, and more confident. So, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Whether you are looking to lose weight, increase strength, get fit, run a race, strengthen athletically, or just improve eating and other healthy habits, I can help you create a program to reach and exceed your goals.

I am an NASM certified Personal Trainer and an ACE certified Health Coach who understands health & fitness is not a one size fits all. It’s imperative that I fully understand my clients’ preferences/styles so I can weave them into the programs, which ensures each client receives a very personalized and positive experience.

I take a whole person approach to fitness; focusing on each individual through workouts, nutrition, self-care, family/work/life balance, and turning “bad” habits into good habits. Together, we can make you healthy living a habit for you.

A.AmyWow! What can I say about Kelli. She is an amazing trainer with the perfect amount of hard-ass and compassion. She won’t let you stop, even when you want to. Her training isn’t about competition with each other, it is about improving on personal goals. There are no surprises, she lays out what she expects of you and lets you achieve that in your own time. And, she will run every step with you, pushing you when you think you can’t go any further.

My running has improved greatly. Before starting track training I couldn’t run 1km without wanting to give up. The steady progression of her training has given me the fitness to push through and be back running at my sea level pace, covering 5km without a thought. I have also improved over short distances which has helped with Crossfit and other sports.

I can safely say that participating in Kelli’s track training has been the best thing for my running. My technique is better than ever and I actually enjoy myself when I’m out pounding the pavement.



Amy F.

A.ALiciaI love working out with Kelli. She knows how to make exercise fun by adding plenty of variety to the mix. Her fantastic sense of humor always keeps a smile on my face even through the most grueling training sessions. Plus, her own fitness accomplishments provide great inspiration for me when setting my own fitness goals. I would recommend Kelli if you want to push your fitness to the next level and challenge yourself in a safe and motivating environment.

Alicia C.